garden data

More garden-related geekery We’ve started planting seeds in our vegetable beds, so naturally wanted to keep a record of what is where, and since when. Hence, Garden of Ethelred It’s a fairly simple site – the data is in an xml file, and we have xsl transforms for the different pages. We chose xml because […]

Note to self: JAXP Debugging

I’m investigating a problem with Gamut, since the current version doesn’t work properly when running in Java 6. The problem seems to be related to which XML implementation classes it loads through JAXP. Having worked out this much, I resorted (*gasp*) to reading the documentation, which pointed out the very useful system property jaxp.debug. Sure […]

tools of the trade

Don’t get me started on EJB. Anyway, I had a problem where a jboss.xml has a resource reference that is missing from its matching ejb-jar.xml. Visually scanning the files wasn’t getting me anywhere, since they contain at least 30 EJBs, of which 20 or so had the same resource reference in. I thought if they […]

emulating server errors

Following on from yesterday’s article. The point of writing our own XML API server was to test the API handling parts of our real system, and part of that testing needed to cover possible error conditions to make sure we recover from them correctly. So it would be useful if we could easily choose an […]

XML-HTTP test server in Rails

In my current job our main product is an online Bingo service. We have different customers who we run sites for, and to integrate with their user databases, we use some agreed XML-over-HTTP APIs to exchange user details and transactions. Our service is a J2EE application, and for testing purposes these external user APIs are […]