javascript property dump

I’ve found it quite useful sometimes to do a dump of properties of a javascript object. Here’s an example for an event: var alerttext = ""; for(p in myEvent) { if(p.toUpperCase() != p && (typeof(myEvent[p]) ‘string’ || typeof(myEvent[p]) ‘number’)) { alerttext += p + " = " + myEvent[p] + "\n"; } } […]

content management

One of my other websites Ordo Acerbus is rather flaky at the moment. It is running on a ‘content management system’ of sorts that I hacked out myself when I was learning Ruby on Rails. As often the case with these things, it was an interesting learning exercise, but now it has been left for […]

RailsConf – Accessibility

Lunch at the conference was a bit weird – lots of little bowls of different things were brought round. They were nice, but I hadn’t seen that way of doing it before. After lunch I went to a talk by Peter Krantz entitled “Building accessible web interfaces in Rails”. Actually what he had to say […]