On the subject of version control – moving to github

When I started programming, we considered ourselves lucky to have a filesystem… Well, ok, I’m not quite that old, but up til now, git was something that had eluded me. CVS and svn have served me fine so far in my career (let’s not talk about Visual SourceSafe). As I commented to a friend, I […]

web testing with curl

It happened again. You have an annoying bug with your Java web application, and you’re stepping through with your debugger, and… whoops! looks like you just missed an important line. You fire off the same request again, so you go back to your browser and go through the steps to that point – did I […]

random dabbling roundup

I seem to be in a phase where I play with lots of new software things without creating a whole lot in any of them. Google App Engine is interesting due to the promise of getting massive distribution/scaling for ‘free’. I started trying to put together a Java application to try it out, but it […]

dns323 podcast and torrent downloader

I’ve expanded on my previous podcast downloader program so that it gets torrents as well. I was running Automatic but it seemed silly to have two programs doing more or less the same thing. I also didn’t like the configuration of Automatic, which has a global set of regexps it applies to all feeds to […]

garden data

More garden-related geekery We’ve started planting seeds in our vegetable beds, so naturally wanted to keep a record of what is where, and since when. Hence, Garden of Ethelred It’s a fairly simple site – the data is in an xml file, and we have xsl transforms for the different pages. We chose xml because […]

yet another website rewrite

Ordo Acerbus was the first web application I wrote when I started learning Rails. It was a home-grown CMS of sorts. I think the version of Rails was 1.1 at the time, and a few things have changed since then. Unfortunately since I didn’t know about future-proofing it then, and Rails has gone through a […]

Passenger and conditional page caching, part 2

A while back I posted about Passenger and how it could affect my Giggle website. Today I got around to some testing to see if the idea I outlined would actually work. Unfortunately it seems that it doesn’t. Passenger has built-in support for running Rails applications, and it looks like its code for checking for […]

a new browser spying technique

Today’s Blog sensation. One of those things I’d never have thought of, but is easy to understand how it works once you’ve seen it. Scary. I’ve been trying to think if there’s a way for a user to defend against this.

canvas table overlay

One of the (many) problems with Javascript Canvas is that it doesn’t have a way of rendering text. Some people have tried to work around this using absolute positioned DIVs, but since I want to display tabular data for an app I am working on, I have been trying it by overlaying a table instead. […]

canvas gotcha

I was learning to use Javascript Canvas recently, but was almost stumped by a little issue with sizing the thing. In Firefox 2 at least it looks like the canvas size needs to be set on the canvas tag. When I applied a width and height with CSS, it just resulted in the whole canvas […]