thoughts on choosing computers

Since family and friends know I am a ‘computer guy’ I am sometimes asked for advice on choosing computers to buy. The trouble with this is that my own computer needs and use is pretty far removed from the ‘normal’ computer user. Actually I have to imagine how a ‘normal’ computer user works based on […]

This is affectionately known as “that junction” by Arlington residents. It’s a six-way junction at which five of the roads entering have stop signs. If you’re coming from Mass. Ave. you just carry on through. Somehow it seems to work out – I find it scary though.

image aspect ratio

I had some 1024×768 desktop backgrounds that I want to use on a widescreen setup (16:10). This did the trick: convert enchantwp1_1024.jpg -shave 0×64 enchantwp1_1024zoom.jpg

housing in the Boston area

My latest ‘project’ is… buying a house. (Sorry, not much geekery involved here.) My wife and I have been looking at houses for a few months, so it’s been interesting to compare the typical features of houses here with those where I grew up. Where I come from, normal houses are invariably built of brick […]


To go back a line in my shell I can press Fn + ↑ or Ctrl + P. Fn + P does nothing useful. (I have an unusual keyboard).

moving and routing

We moved house recently. For some reason, this proved to be a traumatic experience for our network router (a Linksys WRT54GL). We have moved internet service with the same supplier, so I assumed that the router would work with no changes. This was not the case. In the end I reset it to factory defaults […]

patching up

I quietly deployed my Giggle 2 project into its production environment on Friday evening: and once my wife had joined in some testing, I then had a few bug fixes to make! First I had to sort out the Capistrano deployment script. Due to a misunderstanding on my part, it didn’t create the temporary directories […]