currency exchange fixes

I have had some trouble recently with my Currency graph site. The data for this site comes from an email subscription I have to an daily feed. The emails were identified by Procmail on my server, and piped into a script which parses them and inserts the rates into the database. The initial problem […]

blog migration

My previous blog software (Typo) had become pretty much unusable. It seems that this hosting service doesn’t cope with larger Rails apps very well. So I have migrated my blog to use WordPress instead. Fortunately I found some sql scripts to help move over my content (though I had to edit them a little). I […]

more Oracle head bashing

Today I have been having ‘fun’ trying to put multi-line text into Oracle SQL scripts. Now, this snippet works fine in SQLPlus: UPDATE email_templates SET email_content = ‘Hello. Blah blah blah. Goodbye.’; But this one barfs when it gets to the first blank line: UPDATE email_templates SET email_content = ‘Hello.   Blah blah blah.   […]

sql whinge

In SQL, when you add a column to a table, you just say ‘add’, e.g. ALTER TABLE my_table ADD my_new_column VARCHAR(12); But if you want to remove a column you have to say ‘drop column’, like this: ALTER TABLE my_table DROP COLUMN my_old_column; This is one of those little inconsistencies that drives me mad – […]