Last night I tried to implement my idea for a ‘LRU File Store’ for Rails fragment caching. The idea was that it would extend the standard FileStore, and just override the read method so that it would ‘touch’ a file if it was read. This would make it easy for a cleanup script to find […]

Giggle 2 Search caching design notes

Just trying to record my thoughts while I’m working out the design. Search cache consists of ‘generations’. Generation is number, which is included into the fragment key. A single extra fragment stores the current generation number, along with its expiry time (if set). This can use YAML, which is quite simple. When a change means […]

Giggle 2 Fragment Caching

This is my second article about implementing caching in my ‘Giggle 2’ project. Unlike the first part this doesn’t include any ‘cleverness’ extending Rails, it’s just using standard Rails functionality, but I want a record of the issues for myself.# In my plan I wrote about caching the footer for each user, but once I […]

rails caching and my projects

After posting about my projects the other day, someone pointed out that my site was “broken”. So I spent quite a while investigating the performance issues. The site is hosted on Dreamhost, and set up through FastCGI – but it seems that Dreamhost’s FastCGI configuration is not really optimal for Rails applications. I made a […]

projects update

A while ago I wrote about my spare time projects in progress. It seems like about time I made an update on whether they are making any progress! Happy Pig – I haven’t made any actual changes to the project itself, but I have installed a bug tracking system and started recording tasks in it. […]


I have lots of geeky projects that I want to work on but don’t find the time very often. Here’s a list of the ones that are actually in some state of progress (i.e. not the ones that are just ideas I had that I haven’t done anything with yet). Bug fixes and improvements to […]