Gardening by Numbers

AKA what else can we turn into an engineering problem? Last summer my wife and I bought a house, and for the first time we have our own garden. We were keen to grow some veg, but since we moved in the summer we had missed most of the growing season last year. The garden […]

gaming website relaunch

As I mentioned a while back I’ve been working on a rewrite of my gaming website. I decided last weekend that it was now good enough to switch over. So I present the updated Ordo Acerbus As far as I’m concerned the nice feature of my new setup is that I edit pages using ssh […]

fantasy video player box

(I say ‘fantasy’ because we’ve had thoughts about this for a year or more, but we have more important things to spend our money on). We don’t watch much normal TV. Cable doesn’t seem worth it. However we use a certain site to get bittorrent downloads of British shows we like. This currently means we […]

yet another website rewrite

Ordo Acerbus was the first web application I wrote when I started learning Rails. It was a home-grown CMS of sorts. I think the version of Rails was 1.1 at the time, and a few things have changed since then. Unfortunately since I didn’t know about future-proofing it then, and Rails has gone through a […]


I added support for Gravatar on comments on this site. Identicons mean that anyone will get some kind of unique image, even if they don’t have a Gravatar set up. There are some Gravatar plugins for WordPress/PHP around, but it is simple enough to construct the URL that I just coded it into my theme […]

mysql database replica

I wanted to ‘clone’ the production database for my giggle project to my development environment, so I could have more realistic data for testing with. First I created database ‘giggleclone’, then ran a command like this: mysqldump -h -u edward -ppassword —opt giggle2 | mysql -h localhost -u giggledev -ppassword -C giggleclone I haven’t […]

Good timing

Sunday morning – bought the extra downpipe bend I needed to set up our rain barrel, then set it up. Sunday afternoon – a couple of storms dropped enough rain to fill the barrel. (Not sure if I’m going to be able to grill today’s dinner though). And for my other Sunday project, I converted […]

giggle on passenger

I switched Giggle over to run on Passenger, and after some five minutes of testing I think it’s probably working ok. I had to disable page caching, but it uses fragment caching so there is still a potential reduction in database activity1. It seems stable, which is the main advantage compared to the old FastCGI […]

Passenger and conditional page caching, part 2

A while back I posted about Passenger and how it could affect my Giggle website. Today I got around to some testing to see if the idea I outlined would actually work. Unfortunately it seems that it doesn’t. Passenger has built-in support for running Rails applications, and it looks like its code for checking for […]

Passenger and conditional page caching

Dreamhost recently made Passenger available for running Rails applications. I switched over Exchange Rates and it appears to work fine. Giggle does not work properly when switched over to Passenger though. The problem is that my caching setup relies on a custom rewrite rule, but Passenger disables use of mod_rewrite for web applications it runs. […]