running to stand still

I spent a busy evening working on updates and fixes to Giggle, with the end result of several hours hacking being… no apparent change as far as the user is concerned. Sigh. The motivation for this seemingly pointless exercise was when I started trying to run the development version of the system locally and it […]


I started doing a little work on the theme for this site. It’s basically copied from Eric Meyer’s ‘complex spiral’ demo, but using my own photos of course. I like the general idea of how it works, but not this particular photo, so I’ve been carrying around my camera looking for alternative textures. I’ve also […]

first post

I’m just testing a stock installation of Typo at the moment. Before I go ‘live’, I want to ensure I have OpenID support. I believe this is something the Typo developers are keen on so maybe they’ll write it, otherwise I’ll have to look into doing it myself. I’ll also want to work on my […]