On Saturday I went along to JQueryCamp, since it was in Boston. It was the first conference specifically about this JavaScript library. I don’t do very much Javascript work, but I pick up what there is in my company because I find it interesting, and I have started using JQuery because it makes it so […]

Groovy & Grails

This evening I went to the Groovy & Grails User Group meeting, held at Skills Matter in London. The first presentation was Grails and Hibernate by Graeme Rocher (project lead of Grails, and new CTO of Skills Matter). Graeme gave some background on Groovy and Grails, and then showed some examples of the domain model […]

Java meetup

I made it along to the London Java Meetup last night, having missed the last few events for various reasons. I hope I didn’t annoy everyone by evangelizing Rails too much! It made an interesting comparison to the conference last week to talk to people who weren’t already adherents. The topic for the evening was […]

RailsConf – Conclusions

Having never been to any kind of conference before, this was quite an eye-opener. I was left feeling totally drained, from trying to keep up and think and talk about so much in such a short time. But at the same time I am inspired and encouraged by seeing the depth of enthusiasm in this […]

RailsConf – Embrace Risk

Finally, the closing speech of the conference was made by Dave Thomas1 of Pragmatic fame. He talked about terrorism, and the effect it has on us – all themes similar to what Bruce Schneier writes a lot about. How we have our ideas of risk skewed, and make irrational decisions. But then he linked it […]

RailsConf – The Web is a Pipe

The penultimate speech at RailsConf was given by James Duncan Davidson, creator of Tomcat and Ant. It was a flowing speech, connecting several ideas, but the theme was to do with where current technology is leading us and what to get involved in. The title of the speech came from comparing Rails deployment strategies: Apache […]

RailsConf – JRuby

The session I had been anticipating the most – JRuby on Rails by Charles Nutter. Charles talked a little about the history of JRuby, and what’s happening now with Sun having taken an interest. While JRuby is currently slower than C Ruby, he believes they will match the performance before too long, and they are […]

RailsConf – Microsoft Territory

After lunch I went to a talk by Sean O’Halpin called “RoR against the Machine”. It turned out to be not quite what I expected, but it was interesting nonetheless. The talk was essentially about the setup in Sean’s current company, where they are using Rails as part of their backroom business processes – which […]

RailsConf – Unobtrusive Javascript

An extra session was added during Friday lunchtime, since Dan Webb’s Unobtrusive AJAX talk had been so popular on Thursday that not everyone who wanted to see it could get in. Dan started off with some history of Javascript and how it got its bad name – but we think it is much better now. […]

RailsConf – Bank Job

For the first concurrent session of the Friday I went to this somewhat controversial talk by Rany Keddo, entitled “How I turned my bank job into a Rails playground”. Many in the room (including me) put up their hands when he asked who knew about working on J2EE projects, and how large and ‘unhappy’ they […]