merb + datamapper version frustration

I read about Merb and Datamapper and wanted to try them out. Merb does not have particularly good documentation at the moment, but I found some blog posts about how to install. Unfortunately it turns out that at the moment just doing a “gem install merb” and equivalent for datamapper leaves you with a system […]

temporarily without home PC

I have mailed off the power supply from my computer, since it was still under warranty. Hopefully I’ll get a replacement back sometime soon. We’ll see how we manage to survive without that computer. In the meantime I managed to get Debian installed on my wife’s old iMac. Since it’s an old and not so […]


Saturday I removed the power supply from my computer. It is still under warranty so I sent a support request to Antec – still waiting for an answer on that. In the meantime I attempted to get some computer satisfaction by trying to run Linux on my wife’s old iMac G3. So far this has […]

sound issues

My wife and I often sit down to watch a show on my computer in the evening, since we download various things. Unfortunately last night the sound on the computer was tinny and crackling, so it was basically unusable. This had happened a couple of times recently but had gone away when I rebooted, but […]

cd listening

I bought the new King’s X CD today. My current process for listening to a new CD goes like this: Insert CD into computer. This is reasonably automated – it launches Sound Juicer, downloads track titles and rips the songs. Run This is a script which moves the newly ripped songs from the local […]

time to reboot

Having fiddled around for an hour or so I have reached the conclusion that the Intel graphics drivers don’t have the necessary support to run this game in Wine. Which is sad, because it works in Windows.

tab shortcuts

I found I can use Alt+ to switch tabs in Gnome-Terminal. I then tried it in some other applications with tabs – it also works in Firefox and Pidgin, but not in Eclipse.

Rhythmbox + iPod, part 2

I spent some time reading up a couple of web pages to try to figure out what the support was for reporting to the tracks that I’ve listened to on my iPod. Apparently the reading was a bit of a waste of time – all I really needed to do was plug in the […]

ignore caps-lock light

This is a bug which is amusing me. My keyboard at home is a unix-style one – it has ‘Ctrl’ where the ‘Caps Lock’ is on a typical PC keyboard. Which meant that I kept pressing ‘Caps Lock’ by mistake on the new keyboard at work. Fortunately the Gnome Keyboard Preferences screen has a simple […]

resolution woes

Argh! I had to manually edit a modeline and xorg.conf to get the right screen resolution on this new PC, which could be why Linux isn’t catching on more. I figured some of it out from this page) – basically you look in /var/log/Xorg.0.log and copy out some of the information. As a memento (i.e. […]