On Saturday I went along to JQueryCamp, since it was in Boston. It was the first conference specifically about this JavaScript library. I don’t do very much Javascript work, but I pick up what there is in my company because I find it interesting, and I have started using JQuery because it makes it so […]

jquery and java .properties files

I recently had a need to parse a Java .properties format file in Javascript, and couldn’t find a suitable library for it, so I hacked out this (actually I copied the regular expressions from a Perl implementation): /** * parse a string containing text in Java .properties file format, and convert it into a map […]

currency graphing

Over the weekend I did some long-awaited work on my exchange rate graph application. The most obvious change is that you can now choose a range of dates rather than always getting all the data. I decided to have just a fixed set of ranges to choose from, since it does what most people should […]

scrolling bits

Yay, I wrote my first jQuery plugin: $.fn.scrollIntoView = function() { return this.each(function(){ this.scrollIntoView(); }); } Wasn’t that exciting? It gets used something like this: $("#output div:last").scrollIntoView();

jQuery updates

I was about to post that jQuery 1.0 is out, but having checked, I now see that jQuery 1.0.1 (AKA ‘lots of people trying out new release find extra bugs’) is out now. If you’re doing anything ‘interesting’ with Javascript, I think you would find jQuery worth a look: compared to other Javascript libraries I’ve […]

tools du jour

JQuery is a rather handy JavaScript library. At its core is a selector function that allows you to choose DOM elements by using CSS or XPath. You can then call various other functions on the selection to hide or show the elements in various ways, modify the content, or attach event handlers easily. I modified […]