Java meetup

I made it along to the London Java Meetup last night, having missed the last few events for various reasons. I hope I didn’t annoy everyone by evangelizing Rails too much! It made an interesting comparison to the conference last week to talk to people who weren’t already adherents. The topic for the evening was […]

RailsConf – JRuby

The session I had been anticipating the most – JRuby on Rails by Charles Nutter. Charles talked a little about the history of JRuby, and what’s happening now with Sun having taken an interest. While JRuby is currently slower than C Ruby, he believes they will match the performance before too long, and they are […]

yes, it was a good day at the office

In addition to getting a new monitor at work on Friday, I had a fairly productive day. I hacked out a prototype for a socket based callback mechanism for our service. At the moment the service uses HTTP polling, which puts a lot of load on the server as every client makes a new request […]