Comcast are scum

The ‘Digital Television Switchover’ took place here a couple of weeks ago. Not long after, we received this letter from Comcast[PDF 900kB]. While I suspect it doesn’t say anything that is actively illegal, I do think it could be highly misleading and is taking advantage of less well informed people1. Q: How do I get […]

pulseaudio discoveries

Found out that PulseAudio includes built in support for creating multicast RTP streams of whatever audio you may be playing on your computer. Then I found out if I turn on such a stream, it eats all the wireless bandwidth in the house and my wife complains her internet isn’t working. Nix that idea…

WordPress misbehaving

This is a test post since I am having some trouble with WordPress. It’s probably about time I upgraded it, but I don’t like to upgrade software which works. But if it stops working… why would it stop working?

home server upgrades

At home we have a D-Link DNS-323 and I think it is great. We originally fitted it with a pair of 500GB drives, but a while back I commented that once 1TB drives were available for below $100 I would upgrade. With the pre-Christmas sales that time came… To perform the upgrade, first I moved […]

yet another website rewrite

Ordo Acerbus was the first web application I wrote when I started learning Rails. It was a home-grown CMS of sorts. I think the version of Rails was 1.1 at the time, and a few things have changed since then. Unfortunately since I didn’t know about future-proofing it then, and Rails has gone through a […]

merb + datamapper version frustration

I read about Merb and Datamapper and wanted to try them out. Merb does not have particularly good documentation at the moment, but I found some blog posts about how to install. Unfortunately it turns out that at the moment just doing a “gem install merb” and equivalent for datamapper leaves you with a system […]

hardware saga

Antec have shipped me a replacement power supply, hooray! Unfortunately it’s coming by ground from California so it will be another week before I get my computer working.

temporarily without home PC

I have mailed off the power supply from my computer, since it was still under warranty. Hopefully I’ll get a replacement back sometime soon. We’ll see how we manage to survive without that computer. In the meantime I managed to get Debian installed on my wife’s old iMac. Since it’s an old and not so […]


Saturday I removed the power supply from my computer. It is still under warranty so I sent a support request to Antec – still waiting for an answer on that. In the meantime I attempted to get some computer satisfaction by trying to run Linux on my wife’s old iMac G3. So far this has […]

an expensive answer?

More experimenting with the computer this evening. I tried a different network cable, and running with the fileserver and one network switch turned off, but that didn’t make any difference. So I moved on to opening the box and running with the case side open, while I stuck my head in to try and figure […]