Health Care Debate part 1

I’ve been meaning to write comparing British and US health care for a while, but it’s not a very easy topic to get around. However it is the main subject in the news these days so it’s about time I weigh in. The most emotive piece I’ve heard on the radio this week was from […]

thoughts on choosing computers

Since family and friends know I am a ‘computer guy’ I am sometimes asked for advice on choosing computers to buy. The trouble with this is that my own computer needs and use is pretty far removed from the ‘normal’ computer user. Actually I have to imagine how a ‘normal’ computer user works based on […]

date examples

I phoned the Massachusetts RMV to book a driving test. They have an automated phone system for doing this. I had to enter my date of birth. To help understand the format to enter the date, it gave this example: “if your date of birth is May fifth [some year] then you would enter zero-five-zero-five…”. […]


I scribbled some design notes on my whiteboard… now I need a camera so I can record them!

JNI hacking

For some reason this week I decided it would be handy to learn something about how JNI works. And when I say learn, I mean write something that would work. The Linux event interface is fairly fresh in my mind, due to working with buffalo’s ruby library for it recently so I decided to re-implement […]

open source Java

Since the announcement last week, lots of people have been pondering over what the open source Java release will mean. As far as I can see, it’s almost entirely about improving acceptance in Linux. Distributions with strict restrictions on what licenses they can use, like Debian, will now be able to include Java. I use […]