Peppa Popper

I was inspired by a children’s TV show Peppa Pig visits Daddy Pig’s Office and the fact that my daughter (aged 16 months) has been taking marginally more interest in the computer.

So I did a quick hack to write a program like Mrs Cat uses in the show. It shows a white screen, and when you press keys, it displays coloured shapes. In my version, the colour and shape displayed is consistent for each key, so the user can learn which key to press for a given shape.

If you have Java Web Start installed, you can run it from here – press ‘Q’ to quit.

Otherwise, source code is here (SVN).

Slightly to my surprise, my daughter actually seems to enjoy playing with the end result. She’s been ‘asking’ to play it again (by miming pressing the keyboard), and when she plays it, she will press keys and point at the screen and say ‘ooh’.

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