Monthly Archives: November 2009

bash twitter

There are probably lots of variants out there. In fact mine is largely copied from here Inspired by BLT #!/bin/bash # a twitter client (uses .netrc for auth)   confdir=~/.bt seenfile=$confdir/seen feedstyle=$confdir/btfeed.xsl   if [ "$1" == "-h" ]; then echo " use: $(basename $0) -h | [ tweet ]" echo " -h help" echo […]

random dabbling roundup

I seem to be in a phase where I play with lots of new software things without creating a whole lot in any of them. Google App Engine is interesting due to the promise of getting massive distribution/scaling for ‘free’. I started trying to put together a Java application to try it out, but it […]

javascript in the shell

Different languages are good for different things. But unix shell style trumps all. An example: bin/urlencode #!/usr/bin/js   function urlEncode(str){ str=escape(str); str=str.replace(new RegExp(’\+’,‘g’),’%2B’); return str.replace(new RegExp(’%20’,‘g’),’‘); }     if(arguments && arguments.length > 0) { for(var i = 0; i < arguments.length; i+) { r = urlEncode(arguments[i]); print(r); } } else { importPackage(; importPackage(java.lang); S […]