basement music player part 1

Having got the old computer hooked up to the network I proceeded to work on its setup. My main intention for it is to play music from the network drive, while I’m down in the basement working on my other hobbies.

I upgraded it with the latest Debian, since that is about the only Linux distribution with a supported PowerPC version now (the computer is an iMac G3). Since I am used to Ubuntu, Debian is pretty similar.

Next I wanted to cut down the number of steps I had to take to get the machine on and playing music. I created a new user called ‘music’, and set up GDM (using the ‘Login Window’ preferences entry) so that it automatically logs in as that user (after 20 seconds, so I can still log in as a normal user if necessary).

Then I set up the user so that Rhythmbox starts automatically when they log in – since I’m using LXDE, this meant finding rhythmbox.desktop and copying it under ~/.config/autostart/

So now I can press the power button, and (after a while) the music user will be logged in with Rhythmbox on screen. I still have to go and click on the network music server icon before it loads up songs though, so that will be the next thing to fix. Having searched around, I think I’m going to have to learn to write a Rhythmbox plugin to make that work how I want…

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