Monthly Archives: June 2009

Comcast are scum

The ‘Digital Television Switchover’ took place here a couple of weeks ago. Not long after, we received this letter from Comcast[PDF 900kB]. While I suspect it doesn’t say anything that is actively illegal, I do think it could be highly misleading and is taking advantage of less well informed people1. Q: How do I get […]

dns323 podcast and torrent downloader

I’ve expanded on my previous podcast downloader program so that it gets torrents as well. I was running Automatic but it seemed silly to have two programs doing more or less the same thing. I also didn’t like the configuration of Automatic, which has a global set of regexps it applies to all feeds to […]

pulseaudio discoveries

Found out that PulseAudio includes built in support for creating multicast RTP streams of whatever audio you may be playing on your computer. Then I found out if I turn on such a stream, it eats all the wireless bandwidth in the house and my wife complains her internet isn’t working. Nix that idea…

kill 1

I started wondering what would happen if I kill -9 1 But I have enough of a guess that I don’t want to do it while my computer is doing anything else Maybe later.