ack – best thing since sliced bread

Someone at work recently pointed out ack. It’s a powerful replacement for find and grep. My favorite features: it ignores CVS/.svn directories; can easily specify file types with a flag (and of course define your own types); and it has colour highlighting on the output.

On Ubuntu it is called ‘ack-grep’ instead of just ‘ack’: I haven’t found out why yet.

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  1. steveo
    Posted February 4, 2009 at 11:49 pm | Permalink

    Because ack is already taken by:
    Kanji code converter
    ACK is a highly versatile Kanji code checker/converter. ACK can do
    reciprocal conversion among Japanese EUC, Shift-JIS and 7bit JIS.
    JIS Kata-kana(SJIS Han-kaku Kana) is also supported. Kanji code can
    be automatically detected even if the input stream contains Kata-kana
    characters. Besides, ACK can be used as a Kanji code checker with
    very high detection rate.

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