Monthly Archives: July 2008


I added support for Gravatar on comments on this site. Identicons mean that anyone will get some kind of unique image, even if they don’t have a Gravatar set up. There are some Gravatar plugins for WordPress/PHP around, but it is simple enough to construct the URL that I just coded it into my theme […]

mysql database replica

I wanted to ‘clone’ the production database for my giggle project to my development environment, so I could have more realistic data for testing with. First I created database ‘giggleclone’, then ran a command like this: mysqldump -h -u edward -ppassword —opt giggle2 | mysql -h localhost -u giggledev -ppassword -C giggleclone I haven’t […]

merb + datamapper version frustration

I read about Merb and Datamapper and wanted to try them out. Merb does not have particularly good documentation at the moment, but I found some blog posts about how to install. Unfortunately it turns out that at the moment just doing a “gem install merb” and equivalent for datamapper leaves you with a system […]

Good timing

Sunday morning – bought the extra downpipe bend I needed to set up our rain barrel, then set it up. Sunday afternoon – a couple of storms dropped enough rain to fill the barrel. (Not sure if I’m going to be able to grill today’s dinner though). And for my other Sunday project, I converted […]

These crazy Americans and their crazy electrical standards

Or that’s what I thought when I first moved here. In Britain there is only one common type of electrical plug/socket which is used for everything. It is an earthed, polarised connector which provides single-phase 240V AC at a max 13A. Plugs have a fuse in for protection, and sockets usually have a switch to […]

This is affectionately known as “that junction” by Arlington residents. It’s a six-way junction at which five of the roads entering have stop signs. If you’re coming from Mass. Ave. you just carry on through. Somehow it seems to work out – I find it scary though.

giggle on passenger

I switched Giggle over to run on Passenger, and after some five minutes of testing I think it’s probably working ok. I had to disable page caching, but it uses fragment caching so there is still a potential reduction in database activity1. It seems stable, which is the main advantage compared to the old FastCGI […]