Monthly Archives: June 2008

Passenger and conditional page caching, part 2

A while back I posted about Passenger and how it could affect my Giggle website. Today I got around to some testing to see if the idea I outlined would actually work. Unfortunately it seems that it doesn’t. Passenger has built-in support for running Rails applications, and it looks like its code for checking for […]

image aspect ratio

I had some 1024×768 desktop backgrounds that I want to use on a widescreen setup (16:10). This did the trick: convert enchantwp1_1024.jpg -shave 0×64 enchantwp1_1024zoom.jpg

new power supply

Hooray, my replacement power supply came today, and I have my computer back up and running. In fact the replacement is a bit better than the original, since it is one of the new “80 Plus” certified range and is rated a bit higher. It seems to have fixed the problem with sound too.

hardware saga

Antec have shipped me a replacement power supply, hooray! Unfortunately it’s coming by ground from California so it will be another week before I get my computer working.

date examples

I phoned the Massachusetts RMV to book a driving test. They have an automated phone system for doing this. I had to enter my date of birth. To help understand the format to enter the date, it gave this example: “if your date of birth is May fifth [some year] then you would enter zero-five-zero-five…”. […]


I scribbled some design notes on my whiteboard… now I need a camera so I can record them!

temporarily without home PC

I have mailed off the power supply from my computer, since it was still under warranty. Hopefully I’ll get a replacement back sometime soon. We’ll see how we manage to survive without that computer. In the meantime I managed to get Debian installed on my wife’s old iMac. Since it’s an old and not so […]


Saturday I removed the power supply from my computer. It is still under warranty so I sent a support request to Antec – still waiting for an answer on that. In the meantime I attempted to get some computer satisfaction by trying to run Linux on my wife’s old iMac G3. So far this has […]