sound issues

My wife and I often sit down to watch a show on my computer in the evening, since we download various things. Unfortunately last night the sound on the computer was tinny and crackling, so it was basically unusable. This had happened a couple of times recently but had gone away when I rebooted, but it doesn’t seem to go away now.

I spent a while fiddling with the sound settings in Ubuntu, and reinstalling pulseaudio which I had removed due to other issues1. None of it seemed to make much difference. In fact, the whining sound starts when the OS is booting, so it had to be a fairly low-level problem.

Having exhausted my ideas with Ubuntu, I rebooted into Windows, and it had exactly the same problem. So now I’m worried it is a hardware (maybe firmware) problem. I tested using headphones as well as speakers, so it is not a problem with the speakers.

This morning I opened the side of the case for a look, and there are a lot of big balls of dust and fluff in there. So cleaning it out will be my next task. I don’t know if it will fix anything but I’m sure it won’t hurt.

1 I’ve been planning a rant about Ubuntu Hardy, but not got round to it yet…

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