giggle patching

Uhoh. I had to do some hurried patching on Giggle yesterday when I tried to add the latest gig I went to and found it wouldn’t work. It seems my last set of updates caused a couple of problems that I hadn’t spotted.

The first problem was entirely my own fault. Due to my caching setup the logged in user needs to have an additional cookie set for the Apache rewrite rules to use. When I rewrote the OpenID authentication I left out the step that set that cookie. So the site was appearing with a mixture of pages some looking like the user was logged in and some not. All I had to do was add a line to set the cookie.

The second problem was a bit more insidious. Everything seemed to be working, except when adding a new gig it would fail after adding a few bands. Doing some research I found that in Rails 2.0 the default session store was changed to keep session data in a cookie. In my ‘add gig’ processing the ‘work in progress’ gig is stored in the session, so I guessed that it was having trouble when the session cookie kept growing. Not sure. Anyway, I switched the session store back to ‘PStore’ which uses a temp file (and was the old default). The performance may suffer slightly, but it works. I might want to consider a redesign as it is apparently considered bad design to keep too much in the session.

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