cd listening

I bought the new King’s X CD today.

My current process for listening to a new CD goes like this:

  1. Insert CD into computer. This is reasonably automated – it launches Sound Juicer, downloads track titles and rips the songs.
  2. Run This is a script which moves the newly ripped songs from the local drive onto our fileserver, and then tells the fileserver to restart its DAAP service1.
  3. Connect ipod to computer. This automatically starts Rhythmbox.
  4. Find the new album in Rhythmbox and drag to the ipod. Wait a while for it to copy.
  1. Find and listen to new album on ipod.

I can’t help thinking I used to put a CD in a CD player and press ‘play’. Hmm.

1 We’re using the standard mt-daapd which was pre-installed on the server, and it has limited configuration options, so I can’t tell it to scan for new songs. In fact the only way to even tell it to restart is to browse to the web interface and press a button, but I managed to write a curl based script to do that.

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