Monthly Archives: May 2008

an expensive answer?

More experimenting with the computer this evening. I tried a different network cable, and running with the fileserver and one network switch turned off, but that didn’t make any difference. So I moved on to opening the box and running with the case side open, while I stuck my head in to try and figure […]

a new browser spying technique

Today’s Blog sensation. One of those things I’d never have thought of, but is easy to understand how it works once you’ve seen it. Scary. I’ve been trying to think if there’s a way for a user to defend against this.

further observations on sound issue

After I turned off my home PC this morning I realised I could still hear the high pitched whine (when I put my head near it). And it changes in tone when I plug or unplug the network cable. Of course, being an ATX machine when it is ‘turned off’ it’s more like it is […]


Today’s “TripAdvisor Photo of the Day” is on Oxford Street, looking towards Selfridges. I recognised it immediately because it’s just round the corner from where I worked for many years. It made me sad.

sound troubleshooting

As planned I vacuumed all the dust and fluff out of my PC last night. I then set to experimenting with booting it up with minimal stuff plugged in, to see if that got me anywhere. After a few tries, I concluded that the sound is fine when the network cable is not plugged in, […]

sound issues

My wife and I often sit down to watch a show on my computer in the evening, since we download various things. Unfortunately last night the sound on the computer was tinny and crackling, so it was basically unusable. This had happened a couple of times recently but had gone away when I rebooted, but […]

Passenger and conditional page caching

Dreamhost recently made Passenger available for running Rails applications. I switched over Exchange Rates and it appears to work fine. Giggle does not work properly when switched over to Passenger though. The problem is that my caching setup relies on a custom rewrite rule, but Passenger disables use of mod_rewrite for web applications it runs. […]

testing 123

If this worked I should get blog posts appearing in my Facebook feed. Hello?

cd listening

I bought the new King’s X CD today. My current process for listening to a new CD goes like this: Insert CD into computer. This is reasonably automated – it launches Sound Juicer, downloads track titles and rips the songs. Run This is a script which moves the newly ripped songs from the local […]

giggle patching

Uhoh. I had to do some hurried patching on Giggle yesterday when I tried to add the latest gig I went to and found it wouldn’t work. It seems my last set of updates caused a couple of problems that I hadn’t spotted. The first problem was entirely my own fault. Due to my caching […]