Monthly Archives: March 2008

US vs. UK driving

It is about two months since we bought a car here, so I’m starting to feel slightly more comfortable with the US kind of driving. Whenever I mention learning to drive here to someone, they tend to reply with a comment about driving on the other side of the road. While being on the other […]

Rhythmbox + iPod, part 2

I spent some time reading up a couple of web pages to try to figure out what the support was for reporting to the tracks that I’ve listened to on my iPod. Apparently the reading was a bit of a waste of time – all I really needed to do was plug in the […]

ignore caps-lock light

This is a bug which is amusing me. My keyboard at home is a unix-style one – it has ‘Ctrl’ where the ‘Caps Lock’ is on a typical PC keyboard. Which meant that I kept pressing ‘Caps Lock’ by mistake on the new keyboard at work. Fortunately the Gnome Keyboard Preferences screen has a simple […]

resolution woes

Argh! I had to manually edit a modeline and xorg.conf to get the right screen resolution on this new PC, which could be why Linux isn’t catching on more. I figured some of it out from this page) – basically you look in /var/log/Xorg.0.log and copy out some of the information. As a memento (i.e. […]

canvas table overlay

One of the (many) problems with Javascript Canvas is that it doesn’t have a way of rendering text. Some people have tried to work around this using absolute positioned DIVs, but since I want to display tabular data for an app I am working on, I have been trying it by overlaying a table instead. […]

canvas gotcha

I was learning to use Javascript Canvas recently, but was almost stumped by a little issue with sizing the thing. In Firefox 2 at least it looks like the canvas size needs to be set on the canvas tag. When I applied a width and height with CSS, it just resulted in the whole canvas […]

some javascript hacking

My Currency Graph page now features javascript rendering of the graph, largely thanks to the excellent flot library. (I’m using the SVN version to get time scale handling). In theory the page will degrade gracefully to use server-side images if the browser doesn’t support <canvas>, but I don’t have a browser which does javascript without […]