Monthly Archives: February 2008

running to stand still

I spent a busy evening working on updates and fixes to Giggle, with the end result of several hours hacking being… no apparent change as far as the user is concerned. Sigh. The motivation for this seemingly pointless exercise was when I started trying to run the development version of the system locally and it […]

more currency exchange fixes

Yuk, I had to do some more fixing of my currency exchange application. The small change I mentioned at the end of my last post was not implemented quite right, so I tweaked it. Then I noticed that when you drag currencies to the color bar, sometimes the graph was showing them in a different […]

currency exchange fixes

I have had some trouble recently with my Currency graph site. The data for this site comes from an email subscription I have to an daily feed. The emails were identified by Procmail on my server, and piped into a script which parses them and inserts the rates into the database. The initial problem […]

JNI hacking

For some reason this week I decided it would be handy to learn something about how JNI works. And when I say learn, I mean write something that would work. The Linux event interface is fairly fresh in my mind, due to working with buffalo’s ruby library for it recently so I decided to re-implement […]

not sure? write a test

I learned this lesson from a colleague some years ago, but it’s worth reiterating. If you have a question about how a certain aspect of a programming language or library behaves, then it’s usually quicker to write and run a small test which demonstrates, than it is to read the documentation to try and figure […]

it’s all about the features

At home we have a D-Link DNS-323 as a file and print server. Among other things, we store all our music on it, as it runs an “iTunes Server” (actually mt-daapd, now known as Firefly). My wife has a MacBook and an iPod, and runs iTunes. Strangely enough, this combination is missing some desirable features: […]

ruter project

I forgot to mention, my device control system software is now in a public subversion repository I’m afraid it has no setup/installation script or instructions at the moment, perhaps that’s something I’ll have to work on.

single-key alt-tab

My device control program has been evolving. Today I had the idea of attaching the desktop ‘alt-tab’ window switching behavior to a key on the controller. But since alt-tab generally relies on you holding down alt while pressing tab to cycle through the windows, how was this going to work with only a single key? […]