Monthly Archives: January 2008

the open wireless network debate

A while back I posted my tips on how to secure a home wireless router. I’ve been thinking about this again because Bruce Schneier started a debate about open wireless networks, by explaining why he leaves his open. I feel sympathetic to his viewpoint, but my network is not open, so why? My ISP’s terms […]

javascript property dump

I’ve found it quite useful sometimes to do a dump of properties of a javascript object. Here’s an example for an event: var alerttext = ""; for(p in myEvent) { if(p.toUpperCase() != p && (typeof(myEvent[p]) ‘string’ || typeof(myEvent[p]) ‘number’)) { alerttext += p + " = " + myEvent[p] + "\n"; } } […]


Inspired by Martin Fowler articles on domain specific languages, I’ve come up with this kind of thing to use a USB gamepad device to control things on my desktop. device "/dev/input/by-id/usb-050d_0805-event-joystick"   key_map 304, :ctrl, :alt, :left key_map 306, :ctrl, :alt, :right   rule ‘ABS’, ‘THROTTLE’ do |value| `/home/edward/bin/set-volume #{adjust_range(value, 255, 0, 0, 100, true)}` […]