jquery and java .properties files

I recently had a need to parse a Java .properties format file in Javascript, and couldn’t find a suitable library for it, so I hacked out this (actually I copied the regular expressions from a Perl implementation):

 * parse a string containing text in Java .properties file format, and convert it into a map
 * Based on the Perl module Config::Properties
 * jQueryAuthor: Edward
jQuery.parseProperties = function(propertiestext)
	var propertyMap = {};
	var lines = propertiestext.split(/\r?\n/);
	var currentLine = '';
	jQuery.each(lines, function(i, value)
		//check if it is a comment line
		if (!/^\s*(\#|\!|$)/.test(value)) // line is whitespace or first non-whitespace character is '#' or '!'
			value = value.replace(/^\s*/, ''); // remove space at start of line
			currentLine += value;
			if (/(\\\\)*\\$/.test(currentLine)) // line ends with an odd number of '\' (backslash)
				//line ends with continuation character, remember it and don't process further
				currentLine = currentLine.replace(/\\$/, '');
				/^\s*((?:[^\s:=\\]|\\.)+)\s*[:=\s]\s*(.*)$/.test(currentLine); // sub-matches pick out key and value
				var nkey = RegExp.$1;
				var nvalue = RegExp.$2;
				propertyMap[nkey] = nvalue;
				currentLine = '';
	return propertyMap;

It doesn’t particularly require jQuery, but I like the each iterator.

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