Monthly Archives: May 2007

authentication and conditional page caching

This is another followup on conditional page caching in Rails. In the original article I glossed over the integration of the page caching with the authentication mechanism. After all, there are lots of web sites discussing how to do authentication in Rails, so it was not really the focus of the article. However a few […]

Note to self: JAXP Debugging

I’m investigating a problem with Gamut, since the current version doesn’t work properly when running in Java 6. The problem seems to be related to which XML implementation classes it loads through JAXP. Having worked out this much, I resorted (*gasp*) to reading the documentation, which pointed out the very useful system property jaxp.debug. Sure […]

Rails and SQLite datatypes

I ran into a bit of a gotcha with using SQLite for Rails development this week. SQLite accepts the usual SQL datatype specifiers when you create a table (or in this case, it accepts the type provided via a Rails Migration) but it doesn’t enforce the type: for example you can insert a String into […]