Monthly Archives: March 2007 emails look like scams

Dear MLB, I have been a subscriber to your service for a couple of years, and yesterday I received an email to tell me that charging my credit card for the new season had failed. I’m not complaining about the credit card charging: it’s the email which is a problem. As I hope you […]

tools of the trade

Don’t get me started on EJB. Anyway, I had a problem where a jboss.xml has a resource reference that is missing from its matching ejb-jar.xml. Visually scanning the files wasn’t getting me anywhere, since they contain at least 30 EJBs, of which 20 or so had the same resource reference in. I thought if they […]

petting the puppy

As part of my plans for moving, last weekend I did some reinstalling work on my PC. I’m not taking my PC with me – it is old and not worth shipping over – so my mum asked if she could have it. At the same time I wanted to remove one of the hard […]