projects update

A while ago I wrote about my spare time projects in progress. It seems like about time I made an update on whether they are making any progress!

  • Happy Pig – I haven’t made any actual changes to the project itself, but I have installed a bug tracking system and started recording tasks in it.
  • Unfortunately dealing with the bug tracking system has become a project in itself!
  • Giggle – I have completed my port of existing functionality to Rails. It works fine in my development environment – I’m just trying to work up the courage to replace the live version with the Rails version.
  • Top Secret project – this got deployed without much fanfare, since it’s just a tool for me.
  • This blog. I have done some tweaking to try and deal with the spamming – looks like I am winning for now.
  • JSettlers hacking – I have a project in Eclipse with the code in, and I’ve done some poking, but no major refactoring yet. I need to figure out the build platform for this so I can deploy the updates easily – I think since there are only a small number of people using it, I will deploy straight to the ‘live environment’ and put up with it if there are occasional problems.
  • I actually wrote a couple more pages on Ordo Acerbus. I haven’t done any more of the work on the underlying system though.
  • Currency Tracker, Blood Bowl manager – no work done.

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