Java meetup

I made it along to the London Java Meetup last night, having missed the last few events for various reasons. I hope I didn’t annoy everyone by evangelizing Rails too much! It made an interesting comparison to the conference last week to talk to people who weren’t already adherents.

The topic for the evening was supposedly Java 6, but I don’t think we talked about that very much. I remember someone mentioning how it had smoother font display on Linux!

My mention of the JRuby demo at RailsConf sparked some comparisons between JRuby and Groovy, and Smalltalk too. Groovy is trying to do useful scripting for Java developers, whereas JRuby is about taking an existing language and bringing it to Java. I also tried to persuade some people that hand-writing the Javascript for an AJAX application was not such a bad thing, if you used good libraries, but they seemed sceptical.

Finally after most people had left, Jez demoed his Java Elite, and Oolite, and we reminisced. He also told me about his TV scheduling software, which seemed quite handy – it worked in a similar kind of way to SpamBayes. And then he finished with a few card tricks, which left me going “Oh… er… but…”. Thanks.

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