RailsConf – _why the lucky stiff

What can I say about _why the lucky stiff? The man’s a rock star, and his speech was as much a performance as a lecture.

Part of his talk was about the ‘splat’ operator *, and how it can be used to write more succinct code, like here. Another super example was

m, *sub = *str.match /REGEXP/

Er, I’m not sure I remember how that one works, but I’ll be sure to try it next time I need a regexp.

_why talked for a bit about characters on the Ruby mailing list, and how Matz1 is a really chilled out kind of guy.

Then on to the technical part of his presentation, where he demonstrated his Sandbox module by showing two Rails apps running in a single instance of Mongrel. It looks like this could be really handy stuff.

fn1. Creator of Ruby.

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