RailsConf – radrails chat

I managed to have a bit of a chat with Matt Kent and Kyle Shank later. I asked them what they thought of the Aptana project, since it’s another Eclipse based IDE. Apparently Aptana has seven developers and VC funding, which I didn’t know – and they haven’t released any source code yet, despite claiming to be open source. This is grounds for suspicion. The radrails guys think they might work on some improvements for Javascript editing, though probably not in the same way as Aptana.

I also asked about support for Sqlite in their data browser – really because I have looked at how to install a JDBC driver for Sqlite in the past, and it is a pain in the ass! They are including Mysql JDBC drivers in the radrails deployment because that’s what most people use – for other databases we have to set up our own JDBC.

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