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JQuery is a rather handy JavaScript library. At its core is a selector function that allows you to choose DOM elements by using CSS or XPath. You can then call various other functions on the selection to hide or show the elements in various ways, modify the content, or attach event handlers easily.

I modified a JavaScript tool I’ve been working on to use JQuery, and it helped me remove all the Javascript from the HTML page itself and have it all ‘wired-in’ by the Javascript. This technique can help with graceful degradation of web applications on browsers without Javascript available.

I’ve also been trying out Aptana, which is a new ‘Web IDE’ built on the Eclipse platform. It’s early days yet but it provides some code completion support for Javascript, plus syntax coloring and checking of HTML and CSS. Since it’s an Eclipse plugin it should be possible to combine it with RadRails, but I haven’t tried that yet.

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